Free Virtual Course: Conservative and Surgical Management of the Arthritic Knee

Date and Time

March 24, 2022
5:00–7:30 p.m. ET


Virtual Event

The Conservative and Surgical Management of the Arthritic Knee program is an evidence-based program designed to provide healthcare professionals with insight into knee arthritis and the different treatment pathways for surgical and nonsurgical patients.

The Hanger Institute for Clinical Research and Education, Northwell Health, and the New York Hanger Clinic team, has organized this symposium to provide the most up-to-date information for therapists and clinicians on how to select the best treatment plan for their patient.

This will be a virtual event for all healthcare professionals who work and care for arthritic knee patients. Attendees will have an opportunity to further their knowledge of post-surgical therapy, unique orthotic options, scientific publications, new 3D technology for fabrication and measurement, and how each treatment will improve the patient’s quality of life through higher mobility.

Target Audience: PT/PTA, OT/OTA, O&P, and healthcare providers who care for this patient population

CE Contact Hours: 2.00 hours (120 minutes)
Physicians: Non-CME – Course Completion Certificate only

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Session Outline + Timed Agenda

  • Welcome – 5 minutes, 5-5:05 pm

Proposed Topics:

  • Conservative and Surgical Management of the Arthritic Knee, 5:05-5:35 pm (30 minutes)
    • Jonathan Danoff, MD
  • Rehabilitation of the Arthritic Knee, 5:35-6:05 pm (30 minutes)
    • William F. Ott, DPT, CSCS
  • Biomechanics of the Arthritic Knee, 6:05-6:20 pm (15 minutes)
    • Emmanuel Beauchemin, CBCPO
  • Tech Break: Evoke (non-CE), 6:20-6:50 (30 minutes)
    • Emmanuel Beauchemin, CBCPO
  • Structure Scanner Demonstration, 6:50-7:10 pm (20 minutes)
    • Yoni Diamond, CPO
  • Q&A, 7:10-7:30 pm (20 minutes)


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Describe conservative arthritic knee treatment, and its dynamic effects on a patient’s mobility.
  • Discuss post-surgical pain management solutions, and the patient criteria associated with each solution.
  • Explain surgical treatments of the arthritic knee, and the implications on knee geometry and movement.