Jakob (Jake) Terrebonne, CP, CFo

Clinic Manager
Jakob (Jake) Terrebonne, CP, CFo

Jakob (Jake) Terrebonne, CP, CFo

Clinic Manager

Jake is an ABC-certified prosthetist for Hanger Clinic in Jefferson, Louisiana and in Henry Clay Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana.

As a clinician with nearly 10 years of experience in the field, Jake works with patients of all ages and specializes in prosthetic technology. He was born with proximal femoral focal deficiency and has been using a prosthesis to walk since 14 months of age. His favorite aspect of the field is helping people stand for the first time.

Jake started with Hanger Clinic at the Lafayette location in May of 2011. He has worked among the clinicians that fit his prosthesis throughout his life. He went on to also work at Hanger Clinic in Alexandria, Lake Charles, Opelousas, and New Orleans. On October 2017, he became the Clinic Manager in Jefferson, Louisiana. Jake enjoys helping patients improve their mobility and quality of life.

Outside of work, Jake enjoys hunting, fishing, boating, and hanging out with his wife and two kids.


  • Bachelor of Kinesiology, Northwestern State University
  • Post-Graduate Certificate Program, University of Hartford

Clinic Locations

Jefferson Jefferson
3750 Jefferson Hwy
Jefferson, LA 70121
Fax: (504) 831-9203

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