Home Adaptations for Amputees

​Figuring out what changes to make to your home and car can be overwhelming and your needs may greatly change overtime.  Here are some helpful tips and links to make preparing for your return home easier.


Additional Resources

  • Accessible Environments - accessibleenvironments.net

    Accessible Environments is a Florida based company focused on helping those with accessibility and mobility needs, creating barrier-free environments in the home and workplace.

  • AAdapting motor vehicles for people with disabilities - nhtsa.gov

    Online brochure with detailed information about adapting a vehicle.

  • AAssociation for Driver Rehab Specialists - aded.net

    Organization that can help identify specialists in your area that can help with driver education / driver training and transportation equipment modifications for persons with disabilities.

  • ADisabled Dealer - disableddealer.com

    Online resource and magazine, buy and sell items primarily for handicapped needs, i.e. wheelchairs, scooters, vans, etc.