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Man walks dog with Taska Hand by Taska Prosthetics

Waterproof Myoelectric Prosthetic Technology with Body-Powered Durability

Hanger Clinic is proud to be the premier provider of the TASKA prosthetic hand. The TASKA hand features the newest myoelectric technology designed to provide greater durability and more function, even when wet.  

Key Features

  • Myoelectric
  • Waterproof*
  • High levels of impact and vibration protection improves durability
  • Cushioning in the thumb and the wrist provides more natural feel
  • Light to heavy-duty use in one robust hand that’s great for:
    • Using lawn mowers, light chain saws, and hedge trimmers
    • Lifting up to 40 pounds
    • Light spade work and gardening
    • Use in dusty and dirty environments

Manufacturer: TASKA Prosthetics

*The hand itself is waterproof, but the quick-disconnect wrist unit, forearm and socket should still be protected from water. As long as those areas are protected, you can do the dishes, wash your car, or do the laundry without the need for a prosthetic glove.

For us, innovation has never been about creating a piece of new technology – it is all about delivering real life practicality that improves people’s lives.

Matthew Jury, Inventor

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