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If you have noticed a flat spot on your baby’s head, you are not alone. In fact, almost half of healthy babies are estimated to experience an asymmetrical head shape.1 While the majority of cranial asymmetries will correct on their own during the first weeks of life, a head shape that is not getting better, or seems to be getting worse, should be evaluated.

How to Identify an Asymmetrical Head Shape

While no child (or adult) has a perfectly symmetrical head, there are ranges of normal development.

One of the best ways to look for asymmetry is to look at your baby’s head from above (the bird’s eye view) while his or her hair is wet.​ Also look for red creases on one side of your baby’s neck as they may result from his or her head being cocked to one side, which may be a sign of torticollis.

If you notice any irregularities, schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician or physical therapist and ask for a referral to Hanger Clinic for a free evaluation.

Whether your baby needs some extra tummy time, repositioning, or helmet therapy, there is a lot that can be done to correct the asymmetry. Learn more about the causes of plagiocephaly and the four common head shapes.

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Cranial Helmet Therapy

Since 85 percent of head development occurs in the first year of life, early orthotic intervention can successfully round out the shape of your baby’s head by making the most of what he or she is doing best: growing. 

A cranial remolding orthosis, also known as a cranial helmet or cranial band, gently prevents excessive growth in the direction that is most prominent, while leaving open spaces for the flattened areas of your baby’s head to grow, forming a rounder, more even/symmetric shape. 

The optimal age for beginning helmet therapy is between 4 and 6 months. While treatment can take place in children up to 18 months, the level of successful correction may be compromised.

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Get the high-quality care your child deserves from a Hanger Clinic cranial remolding specialist. We proudly partner with many local healthcare systems including California Children’s Services Whole Child Model, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Kaiser Permanente, and Long Beach Memorial/Miller’s Children’s Hospital.

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