Pre- & Post-Operative Orthoses

When undergoing orthopedic surgery, surgeons frequently work with an orthotist to provide an appropriate brace to assist healing by restricting movement.

Bracing After Surgery

We provide many different custom and off-the-shelf bracing solutions to help with recovery following surgery. From simple boots, cervical collars, and hand splints to more complex solutions designed to fit your body, we can build a solution to help you heal successfully. Some of the most common custom postoperative orthoses include:

Body Jacket

To stabilize your back and torso after a broken back, and restrict against unwanted movement, an orthotist may create a custom body jacket.

Knee & Hip Bracing

If you’ve had a knee or hip replacement, you will likely require an immobilizing brace to restrict movement and allow healing. 

Halo Brace

If you have suffered a traumatic injury to your cervical spine, the halo brace may be used to prevent further injury. The halo is a metal ring that surrounds the head where it attaches via specially designed pins.  This ring also connects to a plastic vest worn over your chest and back. It is a complex device that restricts movement of your head and spine, keeping your spine stable.

Bracing Before Surgery

Bracing can also be used prior to surgery as a preventative measure to postpone a surgical procedure or prevent further damage leading up to a surgical procedure. For example, if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or nerve damage in your hand, a nighttime wrist brace may be prescribed to reduce pain and prevent further damage as you and your doctor determine if surgery is an appropriate option.

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