Living with a Prosthesis

Basics of Self Advocacy

Suggestions for becoming and remaining a strong, confident advocate for yourself.

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Caring for Your Limb and Prosthesis

Daily to-dos for healthy skin and prosthetic care.

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Emotional Considerations

Signs of stress and strategies for emotional recovery after amputation.

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Getting Around With a Lower Limb Amputation

Tips for getting from place to place with lower limb amputation.

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How Family & Friends Can Support a New Amputee

Educate yourself and your loved ones about limb loss and how to provide effective support.

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Learning to Walk with a Prosthesis

A brief look at learning to walk with a lower limb prosthesis.

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Nutrition and Exercise

A high-level look at nutrition, movement, and self-care to heal and fuel your body.

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Peer Support and Education

When you are new to living with limb loss, it can help to speak to someone who knows what you are going through.

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Peer Support with AMPOWER

Information on the AMPOWER program and who to contact for peer support.

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Preparing Your Home After Lower Limb Amputation

Modifications to consider when returning home after lower limb loss.

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Tracking & Measuring Outcomes

Hanger Clinic uses data to measure your progress over time to help ensure you meet, or even exceed, your goals.

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