Types of Prosthetic Elbows

There are various types of prosthetic elbows, and each has its unique benefits. No matter the technology, the primary function of the elbow is to bend and extend to place the hook or hand into position for grasp, usually with the option to lock in place or stay loose. Most prosthetic elbow systems can be paired with a variety of prosthetic hand and hook options. When mechanical and electric components are selected together, they create a hybrid prosthesis.

Learn more about the most common prosthetic elbow technologies:

Passive Elbows

Often part of a prosthesis designed for cosmetic restoration, passive elbows may have limited positioning ability that is controlled manually.

Cable-Operated Elbows

Made with cable-connected straps and harnesses, cable-operated elbows use body movement to bend and straighten the elbow.

External Powered Elbows

Either myoelectric sensors or a manual element like switches or buttons, control bending, unbending, or locking of an external powered elbow.

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