Featured Technology: ComfortFlex Adapt

March 10, 2019
Hanger Clinic

The ComfortFlex® Adapt was developed by a team of highly skilled Hanger Clinic prosthetists who combined their clinical experience, knowledge of anatomy, and computerized gait analysis to completely rethink and improve socket design.

With the goal of providing a more comfortable, secure fit for your prosthetic leg, this self-adjustable socket system empowers you to control your own socket fit as volume and activities change during the day. ComfortFlex Adapt incorporates the simple, proven, easy-to-use RevoFit® system, so you can manage volume with a click and twist of a dial instead of adding or removing socks. This adjustable socket improves fit and function, creating the optimal environment for long-term limb health while enabling you to be more independent.

I went through several prostheses that were uncomfortable. Then I found Hanger Clinic. The more comfortable socket fit me perfectly and improved my walking.

Hope H., Hanger Clinic patient

Is ComfortFlex Right for You?

Thousands of ComfortFlex wearers have been empowered to re-enter the workforce and engage in recreational activities, such as biking, running, and golfing.

The flexible brim allows for comfortable containment of the soft tissue and bones for maximum control and suspension to effectively fit individuals with above-knee, hip disarticulation and hemipelvectomy amputations. Below the knee designs are also available.

Benefits of ComfortFlex

The anatomically-contoured, scientifically-proven ComfortFlex socket system promotes:

The socket is the most important part of any prosthetic limb. If the socket doesn’t match the residual limb’s anatomy exactly, problems can occur. With the ComfortFlex socket system, channels are introduced to accommodate muscle growth, vascular areas, and bones.

Kevin Carroll, Vice President of Prosthetics at Hanger Clinic

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