Featured Technology: Freedom Quattro Microprocessor Knee by PROTEOR

Featured Technology: Freedom Quattro Microprocessor Knee by PROTEOR
September 8, 2021
Hanger Clinic

The Freedom Quattro by PROTEOR is the first new microprocessor knee (MPK) to be introduced in more than five years and is designed to bring a highly customizable experience to each individual user. Among the many features, the innovative Quattro tracks cadence and activity levels, has 20 different activity modes, and adjusts to environmental and terrain changes.

Quattro: How it Works, Who May Benefit

The Quattro leverages microprocessor technology to detect where the knee is in space and responds accordingly by making constant, minute adjustments to the hydraulic resistance, naturally moving the user through the various phases of walking (swinging, flexing, and bearing weight). Anyone with above-the-knee limb loss or limb difference, who weighs up to 300 pounds, and needs stability and support to traverse uneven terrain, climb stairs, and sit with ease, may benefit from the Quattro.

Key Features

Highly Customizable

Programmable for up to 20 distinct activity modes, the Quattro makes it easy to switch between activities and better accommodates hobbies like golfing, biking, skating, and motorcycle riding, or work activities like climbing in and out of a vehicle. The Quattro also allows for the programming of individual activity modes and modest adjustments to the knee’s behavior via a user-directed app available for both iOS and Android.

Outcomes Reporting

The Quattro automatically captures three months of cadence and usage data that patients can opt to share with their prosthetist for remote review and collaboration to help ensure the best possible outcome.

Hanger Clinic is the First in the World to Commercially Fit Patients with the Quattro

“As a leading provider of orthotic and prosthetic care, we at Hanger Clinic are proud to fit new and innovative technologies that enable our patients to live their best lives,” said Brett Rosen, CPO, Clinic Manager in Hollywood, Florida, and prosthetist to one of the very first Quattro patients.

Empowering people to achieve their goals and be as active as they want to be is the driving force behind everything we do.

Brett Rosen, CPO, Clinic Manager at Hanger Clinic

Meet Quattro User, Angel Vargas

Angel Vargas, a husband and father of five who owns a lawn service business, has used a prosthesis for more than 40 years after losing his left leg above the knee in an accident as a child. While he has always led an active life, the Quattro will enable him to do things he hasn’t been able to with his current prosthesis, such as ride a bike using the knee’s cycling mode. The Quattro is also water-resistant, which is critical to Vargas as he operates his lawn maintenance company and is constantly working with irrigation systems or out in the rain. The extended battery time will also give him up to three days of charge, which is very important during his busy season at work.

As a long-time prosthetic user, I’m excited to be one of the first in the world to use this new, advanced technology, enabling me to perform better at work, enjoy more activities with family and friends, and adjust my knee’s settings to easily transition from one activity to another.

Angel Vargas, Hanger Clinic Patient

“At Hanger Clinic, we strive to provide our patients with care that will best suit their lifestyle, and provide the best possible clinical outcomes,” said Peter DiPaolo, CPO, who has been Angel Vargas’ prosthetist for 15 years in Fort Meyers. “I’m excited that the Quattro can track valuable data about how Angel is using his knee, which we can assess together for opportunities to improve his personal outcome.”

For more information and to learn about other Hanger Clinic patients who have been fit with the Quattro microprocessor knee, view the full press release located in our Newsroom.

Manufacturer: PROTEOR

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