Partial Feet

Partial foot prosthetic solutions differ according to the size of your residual foot and your individual goals and preferences.

Shoe Insert

If your amputation is limited to your toes or a small portion of the middle of your foot, it can often be managed by a custom shoe insert that supports your remaining foot anatomy and may fill in portions of the missing foot.

Ankle Foot Orthosis

If your amputation is at your midfoot or higher, and you want to return to a fairly active lifestyle, it may be preferable to pursue a combination of the shoe insert described above, worn with an ankle foot orthosis that will better restore your functional foot length during sustained activity.

Laminated Prosthesis

If your amputation approaches your rear foot, and you intend to return to an active lifestyle, a more traditional laminated prosthesis may be indicated. In this design, a fairly rigid carbon foot plate is laminated beneath a traditional carbon fiber socket that typically extends up the front of the leg. This allows the forces created under the toes of the prosthesis to be transferred to the front of your lower leg, restoring a more natural and dynamic gait.

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