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While we pride ourselves on our clinical expertise, compassion and empathy are ingrained in who we are. We will do everything we can to provide your family with the care, support, and resources you need throughout your journey with Hanger Clinic.

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One of the most important steps in the treatment process is to connect with other parents who have gone through a similar journey. Ask your Hanger Clinic clinician to put you in touch with parents in your area who can help share information and put your mind at ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the cranial remolding treatment journey is different for each baby and family, here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about the process.

How long will my baby have to wear the cranial helmet?

After the first week, your baby will be wearing the helmet 23 hours per day. The length of the treatment depends on a number of factors including the amount of correction needed and the age of your baby at the start of treatment. Generally, you can expect treatment to last 3-6 months.

Will the orthosis be uncomfortable for my baby?

Many parents are concerned that the helmet will be uncomfortable, and their baby will have a difficult time adjusting. However, babies adapt quickly and usually don’t mind it at all. The cranial band is not meant to fit too tightly or to put excessive pressure anywhere on your child’s head. It is designed to be comfortable and secure. Areas where growth is being limited may become blanched or reddened, but as long as any redness fades within 20 minutes of taking off the cranial helmet, there is no reason to worry.

Will cranial band treatment disrupt our lifestyle?

During the first week, your baby will gradually increase the amount of time in the band/helmet to become familiar with it. He or she may show signs of displeasure at first, but your baby will grow accustomed to wearing the device. It is important to stick with the schedule we provide, even if your baby resists in the beginning.

Your family will be able to enjoy all of your favorite activities and pastimes during treatment. The helmet will become a normal part of your lives, and your baby will eat, sleep, snuggle, and play without any issues.

Will my baby sleep OK in the helmet?

If your child has trouble sleeping, take the cranial band off and check his or her head to make sure there are no areas of redness; if not, keep the band on. Keep in mind that there may be other things going on with your baby at the same time he or she is adjusting to the band, such as teething.

Will my baby be just as happy wearing the orthosis?

Absolutely! Wearing a cranial helmet will not affect your baby’s personality. While there may be an adjustment period, you’ll have the same happy baby you have today.

Will my baby sweat in the cranial band?

Expect your baby’s head to sweat a good deal during the first few weeks. With that in mind, take special care to clean the helmet daily, even more than once a day if needed. Excessive sweating should taper off by the end of the second or third week. It is even recommended, especially in hotter climates, that you invest in a detachable stroller fan to help keep your baby’s head cool.

Will it really make a difference if I give my baby a few extra breaks from the orthosis every day?

We know how difficult it can be to have your baby in a cranial helmet for 23 hours a day, and we understand wanting to give your baby extra breaks from wearing the device. However, successful treatment requires a full 23 hours of wear each day. Removing it for more than one hour daily will actually prolong the treatment process and reduce the likelihood of a positive change. We know it can be challenging, but commit to the outlined schedule, and you will see results.

Wearing & Caring for Your Baby's Cranial Helmet

Cranial Remolding Orthosis Wear & Care Guide

This guide will help you learn how to use and care for your baby's cranial helmet. You will also be provided with guidance on a typical wearing schedule, treatment plan, and follow-up appointment schedule.

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