Preparing for Amputation

Basics of Self Advocacy

Suggestions for becoming and remaining a strong, confident advocate for yourself.

Becoming a Successful Amputee

A few tips to help you recover and find success after your amputation.

Emotional Considerations

Signs of stress and strategies for emotional recovery after amputation.

How Family & Friends Can Support a New Amputee

Educate yourself and your loved ones about limb loss and how to provide effective support.

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How to Answer Questions About Your Amputation

Learn clear and simple ways to answer the most common questions people with limb loss get from others.

Managing Diabetic Foot Complications

An overview of the importance of proper foot care, prosthetic technology to help those facing limb loss, and the importance of social support.

Navigating Insurance

Hanger Clinic is here to help you navigate the insurance process with an overview of coverage expectations.

Nutrition and Exercise

A high-level look at nutrition, movement, and self-care to heal and fuel your body.

Peer Support and Education

When you are new to living with limb loss, it can help to speak to someone who knows what you are going through.

Peer Support with AMPOWER

Information on the AMPOWER program and who to contact for peer support.

Phantom Pain

What to do when you experience pain in the limb that is no longer there.

Preparing Your Home After Lower Limb Amputation

Modifications to consider when returning home after lower limb loss.

Questions to Ask Before or In the Hospital

Questions to help guide conversations with your surgeon and care team.

Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

An overview of the rehabilitation team and physical therapy process.

Rehabilitation Timeline

A general timeline to give you an idea of what to expect after amputation surgery.

Roles of Your Healthcare Team Explained

An overview of professionals in your limb loss journey and what they do.

Thriving as a Diabetic Amputee

There are a lot of misconceptions about diabetic amputation. Hear from Leslie Green on how she approached her own amputation and tips for success.

What to Expect in the Hospital and Beyond

A high-level overview of preparing for amputation surgery, the hospital stay, getting ready for a prosthesis, and life with a prosthesis.