Spinal Orthosis Instructions

Considerations Prior to Use

Applying the Orthosis

  1. When possible, the orthosis should be applied over an undershirt to keep the underlying skin cool and protected.
  2. Ensure the orthosis is oriented correctly (not upside down) and center the posterior support of the orthosis against the patient’s lower back.
  3. Loosely attach the center strap from each side through the front buckles to position the orthosis on the patient’s body.
  4. Pull the bottom pair of straps evenly forward through the front buckles. Then, pull back and attach the VELCRO® to the strap.
  5. Next, release and tighten the center straps with more tension. Pull forward evenly through the front buckles, then pull back and attach the VELCRO® to the strap.
  6. Lastly, attach the top pair of straps. Evenly pull through the front buckles forward, then pull back and attach the VELCRO® to the strap.
  7. When applying the orthosis, the closure straps should always be pulled backward simultaneously to apply even pressure.
  8. If necessary, repeat the above steps, tightening the straps from the bottom up.

Removing the Orthosis

Loosen all straps symmetrically before unfastening the VELCRO® closures on one side. This will leave the orthosis ready to reapply.

Washing Instructions

As this orthosis is intended for short-term use, washing is rarely indicated. However, should the orthosis become soiled, consider the following:

NOTE: This orthosis may lose its shape if in prolonged contact with temperatures greater than 200 degrees.


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